Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 11:55 AM
Subject: John Paul Booher says Goodbye.

John fell asleep in death Sunday, January 17, 2010 at Santa Monica, CA. He was in a coma for many days. It was a long wait! The lovely nurses were like Angels. He was never alone they kept him comfortable. I know, he did not want to leave us. If his heart had been able to pump the blood I think he could have lived to be a hundred. Every thing else was so strong in his body.
Heart trouble ran in his family, out of nine children more than half died from it.
We fought a good fight these last 10,years. The Dr. said he would have gone sooner but he had good care. Life was good as we could make it. We had our days of fun, days of trying to get him to eat the right foods for him. Sometimes he would sneak! He got used to my nagging, no salt, as the years went by. He did not fool me I knew he was sneaking. His KY roots came out in him, he loved his cornbread in milk, which I made for him often. We took rides along the beach and ate breakfast out several times a week. He loved to get out in the fresh air.
The 66 years we spent together, I think, went well. I have no regrets. he gave me three daughters every 7 years, that he adored. He made us all happy by working and making a good life for us. He never complained, loved his job, building made him happy for almost 70 years. There are many reminders here in the Los Angles Co. area as we drive by, 'that's a place that John built! He even constructed a home in Alaska and built the Barracks at Elmendorf Air Force Base. We were   young, he had been home from the war for a short time and we drove the Alcan highway all the way in 1948!  After we came home we had another daughter and moved to Simi Vally, there we had another girl, when she was six we moved back to our home place where we met. Then  moved here in Santa Monica where close around, we have many John Booher buildings. We will never forget him as reminders are everywhere. He was well liked by all of the job crews and friends he had. The responses I have  had   are staggering!  He's been here, since 1937, at 16, we met at Venice High School I was 13.
He could play guitar and sing he liked the Ink Spots style, and could sing like the lead singer. One time when we were in Hawaii they were playing there and he got to talk to them. Too bad he did not get up and sing with them? I remember when we would go to gatherings or a party, he would say to us , now don't ask me to sing!  We wouldn't, but someone else would and before you knew he was singing! We said who asked?
It was always a good laugh. There is a musical streak in the Booher Family, as well as strong handsome men who could do anything!
The Bible gives hope of a 'New World, where peace and security will abide. Where death is no more and life is forever, as God originally purposed for man, before Adam brought us sin. Jesus came and gave his life for us so we could enjoy this beautiful earth he created for all mankind.  As the Lords Prayer says, 'God's Kingdom Come on earth as it is in heaven" this is our hope. So I will see John again when  the graves open up and release those who have died,  when God brings them out of the graves. I look forward to the time,John and I will be together again on this Earth.
I want to thank all of you for your words of love to us, it meant so much.
Eva Booher