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There were 10 more unrelated people living with Henry at the time [of this census] I presume that they worked for Henry and that he had a very large farm and must have had some money.  M.C.

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Harrison Canter was born 25 Aug 1833, a son of Henry and Malinda Canter,
the former being a native of VA, and the latter born 25 Dec 1808 in Woodford
Co KY.  Henry Canter came to Larence County OH in an early day, where he
lived till his death 17 Jun 1856.  Our subject spent his youth in helping his
father on the farm and in attending the common schools, where he obtained a
fair education.  He was married 03 Feb 1859 to Hannah, daughter of John and
Eliza Keller, who are yet living in Jackson County.  They have had nine children:
Amanda (deceased), David F., Ermilda, John W., Henry, Lizzie, George W.,
Martha J. and Thomas M.  Mr. Canter has followed farming through life, and
now owns 164 acres of land in Hamilton Township, which is underlaid with
three veins of fine coal, raning from fourteen to thrty-six inches in thickness,
and has also a good vein of iron ore.  Mr. Canter has acted as Justice of the
Peace for six consecutive years, and in 1874 was elected Township Treasurer.

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Papa Canter [George Allen Canter] was a WWI soldier in France  Fay Leonard 
See photo of George with wife and sister at top of page.

Photos courtesy of Fay Leonard and Judy Holley









Note 4

The cemetery records and photos for William Levi and Minnie Canter and Mary J. Kennedy Canter are also on the Smith Co. cemeteries North Index under the Jenkins Cemetery.  cemetery records According to his death certificate and obit, George Milton Canter, h/o Mary J. Canter is also buried in this cemetery, but I could not find a tombstone.   I am considering placing a marker for him.   Also note, William C. and Elizabeth Donoho Kennedy, who are the parents of Mary Jane are buried there.  This is obviously a very old, small family cemetery and in a very remote location that is very difficult to access, across a huge gully and no road or bridge.  When, I first started my research and found it, it had been forgotten and neglected.  Some cousins and I worked very hard cutting brush, overgrowth and small trees to uncover the stones, but it is being overtaken again.  I'm at a loss as to what to do about it since it is so difficult to get to it to maintain!   Fay Leonard

Note 5

Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files (I am writing this as it appeared in the book)
Canter, John, S42642, appl 27 May 1824, Jackson Cty., OH aged 70 with a wife aged 60 and children; Mary 15, Hiram 27 at home and 4 other sons, to wit John 39, Henry 26, James 30 and Daniel aged 23 in 1826 and in 1842 sol was a res of Scioto Cty, Ohio, sol's bro Thomas Canter lived in Jackson Cty., OH in 1826 and sol's bro Truman Canter lived in Rockcastle Cty, KY in 1826.

Note 6

Marriages of Rowan Co., NC 1753-1868
Canter, Edward and Mary Wood, 10 Nov 1798, Daniel Eaton bondsman, E. Jay Osborn DC wit
Canter, Erasmus and Rebecka Horn 26 Dec 1801, Thomas Horn bondsman, Jno Brem wit
Canter, James and Polly Davis, 6 Mar 1805, Elijah Adams, bondsman, J. Hunt wit
Canter, James and Elizabeth Duncan, 24 Jun 1819, Erasmus Canter, Bondsman, R. Powell wit
Canter, James and Christena Kesler, 16 Mar 1849, Tobias Kesler bondsman, John H. Hardie, Jr. wit

Source:  DAR Library in Washington, D.C.



The genealogy information presented here has not all been proven.  Mysteries remain:

Cousin Mike is trying to help us VA Canter descendants figure out who we are.  Cousin Mike writes. . . 1797 Trueman Canter (spelling is as it is on the Library of Va site) was issued a northern neck land grant in Botetort County.
Truman Canter is shown as living in Montgomery County in 1794. This is the same person ????  I don't think so.
Henry Canter is on a tax list in Hampshire County in 1782.. it shows that he has a total of 8 whites living in the house....Hampshire was formed from Frederick County in 1794.....Frederick is supposedly where our Johns, Thomas, and Truman came from. Coincidence ??? I think not. AND both Thomas and Truman named their first son Henry. John named a son Henry also.
My was almost impossible to move around much in these days....there was so much conflict going on with the French, Indians, Loyalists, English  and others. This was still a wild frontier.
I'm almost ready to believe that Henry was the father of our westward bound family and that John, Thomas, Truman, James, William, and the Sarah that married William Vaughan in 1788 were siblings.
....we know know that by 1789  they started showing up in SW  Va. in Montgomery, Wyth, Grayson and Tazewell Counties....Mainly because these 4 countie's borders were either changing or being born during this time and records are sometimes kept in the "mother" county and sometimes in the "new" county. We have to assume that they were somewhere in the "original Montgomery County" that was changed to another county.

John William Canter appx1905
John William Canter- (Charles- Thomas- Truman). . . Photo taken in Jessamine Co., KY