Thomas Jefferson & Sina Ann Canter Holleman
Sina Ann was born April 14, 1847 and died December 04, 1939. She was the daughter of Levi
Canter, born March 08, 1812 & died April 30, 1890 and Parthenia E. Sloan, born ca. 1813 and
died August 05, 1877. Levi & Parthenia rest in the Canter Cemetery.


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Thomas Jefferson Holleman was born February 03, 1843 and died February 06, 1923. Thomas
and Sina were married February 20, 1873 in Smith County, Tennessee. They lived in the Smith
County community of Kempville. A Hackett cousin, of mine, recently told me that Sina was
the most independent woman she had ever known. She was seldom seen without her bonnet, so
her family decided to bury her with it on. This story, concerning the bonnet, was confirmed by
a granddaughter of Sina's who still remembers her father, Mack Holleman, holding her hand in
his while the funeral was being preached.