Variations of spelling of Gascoigne ~ Gascoyne ~ Gaskins

Our Colonial Ancestors, by James O'Brien, page 144, list Thomas Gascoigne being baptized in Aberford, Yorkshire, England on May 16, 1601. The Parish register lists "Anno Domini 1601". "May 16: Thomas, son of Henry Gasgoigne". Our Colonial Ancestors, by James O'Brien, J. D./1988, page 144. Virginia Muster of 1625 shows "Thomas Gaskoyne His Muster" on what is known as the Eastern Shore of VA. Came to America in 1619 aboard the Bona Nova, and that the provisions of his Muster, consisting of himself, William Andros, and Daniel Cugley, were 15 barrels of corn, 4 lbs powder, 45 lb shott, a house and a store. Sept. 9, 1636, he received 300 acres in Accomac (Eastern Shore) on "Old Plantation Creek" for the transportation of 6 persons, including himself. Persons transported were Josias Gambling, Josias Gaskins, Elizabeth Gaskins, Alice Gaskins, and Mary Gaskins. Our Colonial Ancestors, page 146, list Thomas as securing a patent to a large tract of land in Northumberland Co., in the Great Wicomico River and Chesapeake Bay area on Sept. 15, 1649, and he moved to there from Accomac. Virginia Land Records, page 651 sites that a deed, dated July 19, 1657, from Thomas Gaskins, of Northumberland Co., to his cousin Elizabeth, daughter of John Gamblin, of the same county. Virginia Colonial Abstracts, page 532. List "Gives a heifer to my Cozen Elizabeth daughter of John Gamblin" July 19, 1657. Of the same publication: the present house, called "Gascony", was buil tbetween 1809 and 1845. It replaced the one burned during the Revolution when Colonel Thomas Gaskins owned it. It is believed to be the third house built there. Of the same publication: Signed Oath of Allegiance on April 11, 1652, to the Common Wealth of England. Northumberland Co, VA. Deed & Orders Bk,1650-1652, p. 60, his is signature #5, in the second column, and Thomas Jr's is signature #14 in column #1. Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumbria Collectanea, page 533. Above age 60 years of age. Exempt from levy. July 22, 1661, 2.143. Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Northumbria Collectanea 1645-1720, by Beverly Fleet/1988, Vol 1 page 532. List that Thomas Gaskins died in 1663and his will was probated Nov. 20, 1665. 15.171.


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