John the Soldier

This was sent to me by cousin GARY WOODS who found this at the  in Abingdon, Va.
Mike of the CanterHistory Group
CANTER, John.           S. 42642
          23 Dec. 1824. Jackson Co., Ohio.  John (X) Canter of said county, aged about 70, declares he was infirmed. Those who were well able to labor and had a family were excluded from relief.  After some of his family married and left him and he became unable to labor he applied to Mr. Beckley at Burlington in Lawrence Co., Ohio, who drew his declaration which he was informed was deficient and informal.  He then moved to this county and made his declaration.
          Since 18 March 1818 he sold one horse to Abijah Dawson for $30 which he received in grain to support his family, also one mare and colt which he exchanged with William Dawson for a horse worth $15.  With the exception of some sun [?], tallow and some small articles of but little value which he has exchanged at stores for little necessaries, he has not parted with any property.
          Some men enlisted for three years and others for the war, of which he was one; both did duty in the same company.  At the surrender of Cornwallis they were sent to guard the magazine.
          23 Dec. 1824. Jackson Co., Ohio. John (X) Perkins declares he has known John Canter for twenty years.
          27 May 1824. Jackson Co., Ohio. Thomas (X) Canter of said county declares he knows of the enlistment of John Canter at Winchester, Va., by Col. Holmes in 1782 in the company of Capt. Finley in the regiment of Col. Joseph Dark in Gen. Morgan’s brigade.  John Canter was discharged after the close of the war on James River.
          3 Jan. 1825. Jackson Co., Ohio.  Martha (X) Dawson of said county, aged about 60, declares she has known John Canter since 1781 or 1782.  He was drafted as a soldier and after his time expired she understood from his neighbors and relations he enlisted during the war.  She saw him on his way home from the army.  He sold a horse to her son Abijah Dawson in March 1822 for which he received grain.
          10 May 1826. Rockcastle Co., Ky.  Truman Canter of said county declares his brother John Canter, formerly of Frederick Co., Va., and now a citizen of Scioto Co., Ohio, in 1780 or 1781 in Winchester Va., enlisted for the war in Gen. Daniel Morgan’s brigade, Col. Joseph Dark’s regiment and Capt. Finley’s company.  He saw him in actual service.
          27 May 1826. Jackson Co., Ohio.  John (X) Canter of said county, aged about 70, declares in 1779 or 1780 in Virginia he was drafted for eighteen months and served a part of the time in the company of Capt. Bediner or Budinger in the regiment of Col. Dark under Gen. Daniel Morgan.  Before the time of service expired in Winchester, Va., he enlisted as a soldier during the war in the company of Capt. Finly or Findley.  He was enlisted by Col. Holmes in May 1781 and was discharged in 1782 or 1783.
          He is a farmer.  His wife is aged about 60 and is quite infirm. A daughter Mary, 15 years old, and son Hiram, 27 years, who is a lunatic, live with him.  Four other sons, John 39, Henry 26 years old, James 30 years old, married, and Daniel, 23 years old, unmarried, all live abroad and are not in circumstances to render him any assistance.
          27 May 1826. Jackson Co., Ohio.  Thomas (X) Canter declares he is a brother of John Canter and knows he served as a soldier.
          John Canter of Jackson Co., Ohio, private in the company of Capt. Finley in the regiment of Col. Dark in the Virginia line for two years from 1781 to 1783, was placed on the Ohio pension roll at $8 per month from 10 Aug. 1826 under the Acts of 1818 and 1820.  Certificate 19656 and issued 24 Aug. 1826.
[John Canter was paid as late as 4 Sept. 1840.]