Reunions 2007

Canter Reunion--July 14, 2007
201 Crockett St., Bristol, VA

Please don't leave Mike alone!  Send photos!

THE Mike Canter of the Yahoo CanterHistory Group,
attended the Bristol Canter Reunion for the second year in a row.
Also in attendance was Anna Belle Canter,
Fay Leonard, Kelly Canter, W.K. Underwood--the local Canter historian,
and Eddie Canter, our DNA donor from the SW VA clan,
and many other distinguished Canters and Canter relatives.


Benhams Road Cousins and Friends--July 15, 2007  Shiloh Freewill Baptist Church
Next Year:  July 20, 2008




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Lisa Pippin Shaeffer
W.K. Underwood

Ruby Doyle Privette
Sandy Privette
Bess Jones
(descendant of Sam Eads and Frances Eads)
Rex Byrd (husband of Nellie Privette Byrd),  Mary Blaylock Powers(daughter of Rob Blaylock and Mollie Blanche Canter Blaylock), W.K. Underwood (granddaughter of Mary Katherine Canter) Donald Blaylock (son of Arthur Blaylock--son of Samuel Patrick Blaylock and Mary Elizabeth Canter--and Maude Blaylock), Bonnie Blaylock Moore (daughter of Arthur and Maude Blaylock) and Robert "Big Bob" Blaylock (son of Rob Blaylock--brother of Maude--and Mollie Blanche Canter Blaylock)
Nathan Eads, Janice Pippin, Mary Linda Pippin Gross, Eads, Gary Eads, Bess Jones  
Kenneth Eads
Larry Pippin
Mary Linda Pippin Gross
David Blevins  (son of Peggy Pippin), Larry Pippin, Nathan Eads, Janice Pippin, Gary Eads, Eads, Taylor Paige Sparks  (grandsughter of Kenneth Eads)
Right: Genealogy research brought these two women together again after decades of no contact.  When Nellie's daughters started searching for their roots, Nellie saw a way to find her long lost "almost" sister, Evelyn White Eads. click here for story.
Right: Nellie Privette and Mary Linda Pippin

A Bristol reunion is not complete without good ole country singing.

Carrying on the Privette family tradition, Jim Privette
(son of Carson Privette and Fina Lowe Privette) has his own band: 
Country Hearts

   Above:  Jack Rutter  
   (grandson of Nannie Eads Privette
   and Joseph Hopkins Privette)

   sang a tribute to his
   "gramma," and dedicated it 
   to his cousin, Nellie Privette,
   who organized the 2007
   reunion.  The song: 
   "I Want to Stroll All Over
   Heaven with You".

   According to Jack, if there 
   was ever a saint on earth, it
   was Nannie Privette.  Jack
   remembers fondly his
   grandmother peeling apples,
   sewing patches on clothes,
   and other chores that were
   common to the day.

Jim Privette

Nellie Byrd and Bonnie Moore "shake a tail feather" to the music of the Country Hearts Band. On the bridge:
Taylor Paige Sparks

Brother and Sister Duet

Rob used to play at the Grand Ole Opry--now we've got him.
   Stacie Conigliaro and sons
   Kameron and Jordan say,
   "This reunion is cool!"
Stacie is the daughter of
    Judy Kilpatrick and granddaughter 
    of  Nellie P. Byrd.  Kam and Jordan
    are, of course, great-grandchildren of
    Nellie Privette Byrd.
Four facing camera:
Ruby Doyle Privette
Mary Lucy Eads Canter Evelyn White Eads
Lisa Shaeffer
Left to right:
Janice Pippin
Nathan Eads
Evelyn White Eads

Bonnie Moore
Eugene Farmer
Rick Privette (son of Ruby Doyle Privette and Jimmy Privette--grandson of Nannie Eads Privette and Joseph Hopkins Privette and leader of the Country Hearts band) enjoys a private moment.  Doubtless he is listening to the music of the band, with the soft sounds of the rippling stream and the murmur of joyful conversations intermingled.
Left:  Willie Underwood (granddaughter of Mary Katherine Canter) and Mary Blaylock Powers (daughter of Rob Blaylock and Mollie Blanche Canter)
Alas, this special day has ended and all have left for home.  But words of promise for next year and sweet memories of acquaintances renewed and old bonds refreshed will surely make the months go by quickly as we plan for an even bigger reunion in 2008.  God bless and keep each of you, 'til we meet again.  JK