Genealogy of Canters from Charles Co., MD to Ohio

Thomas Canter Family Page

At this time, Thomas Canter is the oldest link to our family--and we're not really sure about this.  There is still a great deal of mystery concerning just which Canter spawned the Canters of southwestern VA and eastern TN.  But we're working on it diligently. 
If you have comments or additions to make to this genealogy of the Canters, please let me know.

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genealogy of Canter family
genealogy of Canters of southwestern VA


Individual:  Thomas Canter
Birth:  1717 Charles Co., MD
Death:  1777 Charles Co., MD

Spouse:  Elizabeth
Birth:  abt 1718 Charles Co., MD
Marriage:  abt 1739 Charles Co., MD


Jonathan  b. 1740 Charles Co., MD
b. 1742 Charles Co., MD  d. 1793 Charles Co., MD
 b. 1745 Charles Co., MD d. 1815 1800 census  1810 census
b. 1747 Charles Co., MD 1800 census
Thomas Truman 
b. 1749 Charles Co., MD d. abt 1798 
John b. 1754 Charles Co., MD d. 1/18/1849 Jackson Co., Ohio

Spouse2:  Penelope Conner
abt 1722 Charles Co., MD
Death:   1782 Prince George Co., MD
Marriage:  abt 1774 Charles Co., MD


John b. 1774 Charles Co., MD d. 1858 Jackson Co., Ohio

southwestern VA Canter families






John William Canter appx1905
John William Canter- (Charles- Thomas- Truman)....Photo taken in Jessamine Co. KY