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Basham Family

Basham Family:  Virginia genealogy and facts collected by William H. Basham, Jr.

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James Vaughn Mitchell
Mary Elizabeth Basham


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The Genealogy of  Nathaniel Basham and Elender Ross

1. 2. 3. Nathaniel Basham b. 11/17/1787 Bedford Co., VA  d. Floyd City, Floyd Co., VA   veteran of War of 1812 m. 1/23/1811
      + Elender "Ellen" Ross b. 11/18/1779 Bedford Co., VA d. 1872 Bedford Co., VA
      4. Robert b. abt 1812 Bedford Co., VA m. 4/17/1845 Floyd Co., VA
        + Elizabeth Clowers
      4. John Floyd b. 1/5/1813 Monroe Co., VA m. 9/30/1834 Franklin Co., VA
        + Margaret "Peggy"
        + Martha Smith m. 11/25/1872
      4. Eleanor b. 2/13/1814 m. 10/28/1835 Bedford Co., VA
        5. William Ridgeway
      4. Sena b. abt. 1817 m. 11/23/1836 Bedford Co., VA.  (Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. 6)
        + Elisha Anderson
      4. Turner b. 9/17/1817
      4. William b. 12/1820
      4. Sylvester b. abt 1822 m. 3/13/1848 Franklin Co., VA
        + Jane Eliza Hill
      4. Benjamin b. 11/8/1822 Floyd Co., VA d. 4/2/1901 m. 12/23/1847 Floyd Co., VA
        + Emilia "Milly" Ridinger
      4. Hilery Hatcher b. 1/21/1830 Bedord Co., VA d. 7/10/1910 m. 9/11/1851 Floyd Co., VA
        + Sarah Ridinger
      4. Sarah b. abt 1807 Scioto Co., Ohio
      4. Ellis L. b. abt 1832 d. abt 1915 m. 11/4/1851 Floyd Co., VA
        + Caroline D. Graham
      4.  Mary Elizabeth b. 9/8/1836 Bedford Co., VA  d. 5/23/1925 (1850 cen w/parents Floyd Co., VA) m. 12/24/1854 Fayette Co., WVA
        + James Vaughn Mitchell b. 1/19/1828 Montgomery Co., VA d. 5/10/1914 Oak Hill, Fayette Co., WVA
        5. Laura Jane Mitchell b. 1/3/1856 Floyd Co., VA d. 6/17/1897 Oak Hill, Fayette Co., WVA
          + Jacob Hillary Boothe
        5. Malinda Elizabeth Mitchell b. 2/12/1858
          + James Cody
        5. Sarah Frances "Sallie" Mitchell b/ 12/18/1861 Montgomery Co. VA d. 4/7/1941 Wash. Co., VA m. 9/28/1879 Wash. Co.
          + William King Eads b. 8/14/1854 Washington Co., VA d. 2/23/1914 Washingotn Co., VA
        5. Nathan Thomas Mitchell b. 1865
        5. Margaret Mitchell b. 3/12/1867 Floyd Co., VA  d. 4/2/1945 m. 5/20/1886
          + William E. Cody
        5. Martha S. Mitchell b. 3/1870
        5. Charles Mitchell b. 1874
        5. Geneva Mitchell b. 1876

 Information on the Basham Family, graciously shared by William H. Basham, Jr. of Sudbury, MA


Basham, Virginia
Basham, Scioto County, Ohio (however, there is question about a town named Bashan in Ohio).
Basham, Alabama (south of Decatur)
Basham’s Gap, Alabama
Basham’s Beach, SW Australia
Basham’ Gap, Manitoba, Canada
Basham’s Gold and Silver mine, SW Australia
Basham, Pakistan
Shaqq el Basham, Dafar, Sudan (meaning could be the camp of, or road to, or a branch to Basham) 

Basham’s in the Revoluntary War 

Obediah Basham      Ref: S-35185 (certified Revolutionary War registered number)
John Basham           Ref:  S-37706
Peter Basham          Ref:  S-2962 - served with Capt. Francis Tripplett
Jerry Basham           Served with Capt. Grey (Company 11) or 11th Continental Line
Moody Basham        Served in the 11th Continental Line
Jeremiah Basham     Ref:  Warrent 6690 - served in the 5th, 11th, 15th of the Virginia   Continental Line  
William Basham      born in 1740 and died 12-17-1824 

 Ref:  PS VA - (I believe PS meant private or public service like giving horses, food, etc to the Revolutionary War cause/s 

I found the following listed in "Virginians in the Revolution" by John H. Gwathmey on page 45:
Basham, Jeremiah, served in the 5th, 11th and 15th Virginia Regiments of the Continental Line.
I also found him listed in "Revolutionary War Records, Virginia" by Gaius Brumbaugh as follows:
Chapter on 'Continental Line Warrants, Military District of Ohio', United States Land Office Records page 406:
Warrant # 6690
Basham, Jeremiah, decd. (heirs and legal reps. or devisees), Rank-Corp., Service-War

 Basham coat-of-arms data  

First, data is from Burke’s General Armory.  Second, From the Ordinary of British amorals, 1874, it reads for the Basham shield "Or, three palets gu".  “Or” means gold or yellow.  “Gu” means gules or red perpendicular lines.  .

Second, there is another version of the Basham coat of arms which includes "quarterly ermine all within a boroure azure" which, I take means the Basham shield is divided into quarters (by lines). Ermine is black with white spots and azure is blue. 

Third, the upperward shaped crescent on your coat-of-arms signifies the second son.   

Fourth, yet another investigation says that the Basham crest includes "A garb in fesse" which is depicited as an upright bale of straw with a string around it" 

Fifth, the same source as the fourth, states that the Basham motto reads "Non generant aquilae columnbas or Eagles do not bring forth doves 


( c ) = Copper ( g ) = Gold ( s-l ) = Silver-Lead 

Basham’s Mine 


The South Australian Whale Centre had reports of a whale off the coast near Basham's Beach just east of Port Eliot and Pullen Island that forms the town's spectacular offshore breakwater. The sea was a little rougher than the team would have liked with two metres swells and wind gusts of up to fifty kilometres an hour. But for the early whaling crews this was standard fare. 

The Basham's Historical house in Arkansas 

Also known as Basham House
215 N. Central, Clarksville

Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering, Person
Architect, builder, or engineer: Unknown
Architectural Style: Other
Historic Person: McKennon,Captain Archibald S.
Significant Year: 1868
Area of Significance: Politics/Government, Architecture
Period of Significance: 1850-1874, 1875-1899
Owner: Private
Historic Function: Domestic
Historic Sub-function: Single Dwelling
Current Function: Domestic
Current Sub-function: Single Dwelling  


There are four (4) known Basham churches.  One is in Methodist Church in Basham, Alabama,  another one is in Athens, Alabama and the third is the Basham Primitive Baptist Church in Stewartsville, Virginia! The fourth is in Gatesville, Texas 


This congregation traces its history to 1886 when the Rev. W. M. Blakely and ten charter members organized the Basham Baptist Church in the old Basham School building at the Smith Cemetery (ca. 1.7 mi.s). Basham Baptist church merged with Salem Baptist Church, also known as Round Valley Baptist Church) in 1901, and the new consolidated congregation built a sanctuary at Cravey Crossing on Cowhouse Creek (ca. 2 mi. sw). The Church's name was changed to Cravey Crossing Baptist Church. Worship services were held once a month, and baptismal services were conducted in the Creek. In 1927, after the congregation voted to relocate to this site, the Cravey Crossing Church building was dismantled and rebuilt here by volunteers. The name was changed to Purmela Baptist Church when construction was completed in 1928, and soon worship services were conducted weekly. Throughout its history, this church ahs serviced members in a large rural area. The Church facilities have been enlarged over the years to serve the growing congregation, which continues to maintain many of its historic traditions. (1992) 


  1. Places in West_Virginia - B - ... stream McDowell o37081c4 Anawalt 371751N 0812603W Ballard Mountain summit Greenbrier ... cemetery Wetzel o39080f4 Hundred 393938N 0802525W Basham Branch stream ...
  2. Basham Creek in NW Arkansas (close to the Arkansas River) about thirty miles east of Fort Smith, Arkansas.
  3.  Basham's Creek near Lynchburg, Virginia
  4. Basham Lake, Flathead County, Montana (near Hash, Montana)

      Basham's Creek is located NE of Lynchburg (maybe 30 miles).  It is NE of Appomattox by about 12-15 miles.  It is close to the intersection of routes 24, 20, and 60.  Buckingham is the nearest large town.  The closest small towns are Katrine, Sprouses Corner, Alpha, and Saint Joy. I believe that Troublesome Creek flows in or joins Basham's Creek.  The closest state routes are 665 and 631

Note from William H. Basham, Jr. : I am from the Bassham line that came thru Limestone Co, Al ( for a number of years). There is also a "Bassham Church" and "Bassham Stream" located in Athens, Al. Some of the Basshams went on to Collin Co


Basham Gap, Manitoba (and directly south of Decatur, Alabama)

Basham's Gap, Manitoba is located south of Brochet, Manitoba which is almost on the border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  It is neear Boundry Island.  South of Basham's Gap is the town of Kinoosao which is right on the border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan!  Other nearby towns are Eyrie Lake and Wells Lake.  About 100 south is the town of Flin Flon (a home for junior hockey players).  So, Basham's Gap is way up north!


1.                Basham, Virginia is located about 10-15 miles south of Christiansburg, VA (which is on Interstate Rte 81.  It is located on the western border of Floyd County and the eastern boundary of Montgomery County.  The Robert Basham (to whom I made contact yesterday--*note from Wm. H. Basham, Jr.) family is from Montgomery, VA which is only 10 miles west of Basham, Virginia.  The plot thickens.  This part of Virginia is sparsely populated and nearest towns are Pilot, Sowers, Huffville, Terrys Fork and Little Montgomery.

2.                Basham, Alabama is located directly south of Decatur, Alabama

Basham, Alabama, United States [Place] is in Morgan County; location is 34°30'53"N 87°1'5"W; elevation is 752 feet [SourceGSP]

Basham, Virginia, United States [Place] is in Montgomery County; location is 37°2'10"N 80°20'34"W; elevation is 2,430 feet [SourceGSP]

  1.      Basham, Pakistan

Road journey to Chilas via Besham. A short stopover enroute at Shatial Bridge to see rock drawings. (200-700 AD) depicting Buddhist influence.

The Karakoram Highway (KKH) begins at Hawalian in the Himalayan Foot hills.

Reaching Chilass, you get the first awe-inspiring view of the majestic Nanga Parbat (8125 m).

The KKH takes you to Gilgit near the roof of the world. Enroute a brief Stopover at Thaliche to have a magnificent view of the Nanga Parbat (naked mountain) and do some photography.

A sightseeing tour of the Gilgit town, then a trip to the nearby Kargh village to pay homage to an impressive image of Lord Buddha

Departure for Hunza valley. Enroute a spectacular view of Mount Rakaposhi (7788m). On reaching Karimabad the capital of Hunza valley, visit the Baltit Fort, tucked high on a picturesque site in the backdrop of pine covered and snow topped mountains.

Reaching Gulmit in the vicinity of high peaks and glaciers, you are all set for a memorable trip on the highest highway of the world to Khunjerab (4594) near the Chinese border

The road follows the route taken by the silk trader’s caravans in the ancient times.

Return, the same way back as you came, to Chillas.

From Basham you turn westward across shangle Pass into the Karora Valley which has a rich variety of plant life.

Basham cemeteries (14 in total as of 2-14-04)

1.  Basham Cemetery in Panther Knob, Sumner Cty, WVA

2.        "             "         in East Haddam, Ct.

3.  King Basham Cemetery in Johnson, ARK.

4.  There are (5) Basham Cemeteries in Breckinridge, KY.

5.  Basham Cemetery in Floyd, VA  - BURDINE DICKERSON
Burdine (Berdine) Dickerson enlisted in Company A of the 54th Infantry on October 10, 1861 at Jacksonville, Virginia. He was elected 2nd Lt. On May 13, 1862, 1st Lt. on January 30, 1863 and later Captain. He was taken POW on August 20, 1864 near Lovejoy Station, Georgia, sent to Johnson's Island Prison, Ohio and released on oath on June 24, 1865. He was described as 6' tall, dark complexion, sandy hair, blue eyes, and a resident of Floyd County. Burdine was born on November 17, 1838, and died on October 21, 1921 in Floyd County, Virginia. He is buried in Basham Graveyard, Floyd,Virginia. He and his wife, Nancy Sowers were married in 1866. Following the war, he served as Commissioner of Revenue for Floyd County, and was listed on the 1920 Pension list.

6.  Basham/Hill Cemetery in Barry Co. Missouri

7.  William Wesley /Basham/1 SEX M1 BIRT2 DATE 24 Apr 18271 DEAT2 DATE 15 Feb 19011 FAMS @F0117@1 NOTE @NI0286@0 @NI0286@ NOTE1 CONC William and his wife Susan are buried at the Basham Primitive Baptist 1 CONC Church off Route 886 in Stewartsville, VA.  Stewartsville is about 1 CONC halfway between Bedford and Roanoke.

8.  Swain-Basham Cemetery-Hardy in Franklin County, Virginia

Basham's Compound

An old pharmacy compound used in the Civil War era. 
(Remington’s Book of Pharmacology)

Formula =  2 parts tincture of chloride of iron
                3 parts diluted acidic acid
                20 parts solution of acetate of ammonium
                10 parts elixir of orange
                15 parts syrup
                 50 parts water

Basham's Mixture

Another pharmacy named after a Basham. 

A clear, aromatic, reddish-brown liquid that has been used in iron-deficiency anemia in animals and man; a source of iron.


Synonym: Basham's mixture.


Basham's crepe myrtle

A species of crepe myrtle grown in the south

Basham’s apricot 

An early apricot which I believe is not longer grown. 

Basham Hall

Located in East Basham, Norfolk, England

A very famous early Basham family in Virginia

Transcribed from volume III, part 1 of Kansas: a cyclopedia of state history, embracing events, institutions, industries, counties, cities, towns, prominent persons, etc. ... / with a supplementary volume devoted to selected personal history and reminiscence. Standard Pub. Co. Chicago : 1912. 3 v. in 4. : front., ill., ports.; 28 cm. Vols. I-II edited by Frank W. Blackmar. Transcribed December 2002 by Carolyn Ward. This volume is identified at the Kansas State Historical Society as microfilm LM195. It is a two-part volume 3.

David Walker Basham, M. D., surgeon of St. Francis Hospital, Wichita, and one of the leading members of the medical fraternity, was born in Clifton Mills, a village in Breckinridge county, Kentucky, Nov. 6, 1854. He is descended of old Revolutionary ancestry. The first American ancestor of this family was Peter Basham, a French Huguenot who left his native country during the bloody reign of King Charles during the religious persecutions in France. He located in Westmoreland county, Virginia, in 1650, and became the father of eight children—Peter, Elijah, Rawley, Chinn, Mollie, Betty, Susan, and Katharine. For over 260 years members of the Basham family have been prominent in affairs. Elijah Basham first married Katharine Baltonberg, whose father was a captain of the King's Guards. His second wife was Hannah Cartlich and his third Sarah Hume, a direct descendant of the emigrant, Lord George Hume. To this last marriage two children were born—Robert Hume and Sarah McKay. Robert married Caroline Virginia Rector. The Rectors came to Virginia from Germany in 1714 with a colony of German Protestants. They settled in Spottsylvania county, being the first of this nationality who afterwards settled Germantown. Alfred Rector, Virginia's father, married into the Grigsby family, which had long been distinguished in Scotland and England. Rev. James Grigsby, a member of this illustrious family, came to Virginia as a young man and became the president of William and Mary College. Alfred Rector was one of the wealthiest men in Fauquier county, Virginia, a member of Congress and filled many other offices of trust. Nine children were born to Robert Hume and Virginia Basham, viz.: Sallie Roberta, Virginia Josephine, Robert Neville, Katharine, Alfred Rector, Mary Peyton, Elizabeth, Margaret Baylis and Samuel Malcolm.

Dr. Basham's father was Nathan Claybourne Basham, planter and business man, who was born in Bedford county, Virginia, Jan. 14, 1828. When only a small boy his parents, David and Polly Ann (McCoy) Basham, removed to Kentucky, and there he spent his life. The Doctor's mother was Helen Josephine Haddock, born at Lebanon, Ky., Sept. 1, 1836. Her parents, John Herod and Amelia (Walker) Haddock, were natives of Virginia. John H. Haddock was a physician. Nathan C. Basham died in 1863, but was survived by his wife until Aug. 8, 1882, when she too passed away. Dr. Basham was reared in his native state until twelve years of age, when he accompanied his parents on their removal to Harrisonville, Mo. Thus his early education was acquired in Kentucky, but he continued to pursue his studies in Missouri, and while still a young man began the study of medicine, graduating at the Kansas City (Mo.) Medical College with the class of 1884. For a time he practiced at Rich Hill, Mo., but desiring still further study in his profession entered the medical department of the University of New York, where he received a degree in 1890. For a time he practiced at Harrisonville, Mo., then practiced and studied in Philadelphia, Pa. From Philadelphia he went to Europe and spent some time studying in Paris, France. On his return to the United States, in 1895, he located at Neal, Kan., and from there came to Wichita in 1902. Dr. Basham is deeply interested in his profession and spends some time each year in post-graduate work in New York and Philadelphia. He is one of the leading surgeons in Kansas, devoting his time to that branch of medicine; is a member of the staff of St. Francis Hospital, and has fine offices in the Schweiter Building, where he cares for his large private practice.

On Aug. 16, 1901, he married Catharine Genevieve, daughter of Francis and Honora Daily, formerly of Eureka, Kan., who were living in Montana at the time of the marriage. Three sons have been born to them—David Walker, Jr., born in 1907; Francis Claybourne, born in 1910, and John Herod, born Nov. 11, 1911.

The Doctor is a member of the Sedgwick County Medical Society, the Kansas State Medical Society, the American Medical Association, the Western Surgical Association, the Chamber of Commerce, Commercial, Country and Riverside clubs of Wichita. He is also a Scottish Rite Mason and a Noble of the Mystic Shrine.

Pages 429-430 from volume III, part 1 of
Kansas: a cyclopedia of state history, embracing events, institutions, industries, counties, cities, towns, prominent persons, etc. ... / with a supplementary volume devoted to selected personal history and reminiscence. Standard Pub. Co. Chicago : 1912. 3 v. in 4. : front., ill., ports.; 28 cm. Vols. I-II edited by Frank W. Blackmar. Transcribed December 2002 by Carolyn Ward. This volume is identified at the Kansas State Historical Society as microfilm LM195. It is a two-part volume 3.


Famous Basham’s include: 

Johnny Basham – former world’s boxing champion from Wales (1914-1920)

David Basham – fought with Lord Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar

Dr. William Basham  - English doctor who developed Basham’s compound (used in the Civil War)

Prof. Al Basham – world’s leading author of Indian history and anthropology

Don Basham – charismatic writer of Christian books